Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise


Creative and persuasive translations of marketing texts are important for the success of many companies. Sarah McDowell Translations has made it a priority to focus on B2B marketing (business to business). Compelling texts have covered a wide range of industries, from IT marketing, to marketing for educational institutions, marketing for cosmetics companies, and even veterinary marketing. On the consumer side of things, the translation of convincing B2C marketing (business to consumers) texts is also carried out at a high standard.

Document types: Press releases, presentations, market research surveys, landing pages, slogans, taglines, product descriptions, service offerings, newsletters, interviews, annual reports, company profiles, employee profiles, descriptions of company departments/subdivisions, company missions, company strategies, company goals, company histories, business proposals, case studies, white papers, fact sheets, e-mail marketing campaigns, blog posts, leaflets, flyers, brochures, booklets, Web content, video scripts

Travel / Tourism

Highly detailed, vivid texts relating to cultural and historical sites, ecotourism, hotels/hostels, airlines, rail companies, resorts, spas, museums, performing arts theatres, concert halls, festivals, special events and other topics make your travel destinations come to life. These texts, which are both interesting and easy to understand, will create a positive response among tourists and an increase in your tourist revenues.

Document types: Travel guidebooks, city guides, museum guides, in-flight magazines, online content, booking and reservation systems, scripts for audio and video travel guides


Document types: Display stands & art labels for museums/galleries, museum catalogues, exhibition catalogues, promotional materials/websites for art galleries & museums, academic articles and reviews, reports & presentations for art colleges/design academies, artists’ biographies, graphic design specifications/guidelines


Skin care, hair care, colour cosmetics/makeup, nail care, fragrances, healthy living/wellness with a special emphasis on natural cosmetics and perfumes

Document types: Promotional texts/advertisements, product packaging/labels, product brochures and leaflets, product reviews, product fact sheets/ingredient lists, blog posts, online marketing materials, market research materials, promotional campaigns


Document types: Online and print articles and stories (magazines, journals, newspapers, booklets), blog posts, children’s literature (short stories, comics), fiction and non-fiction literature (short stories, novellas, novels)