Client Testimonials

Here, you can see what some of my clients say about working with me:

Dear Sarah, thank you so much for the translation. I think it’s perfect!  Those little details like reWOODlution! You’re a genius. But equally the whole History content is incredible. You wrote such an eloquent text about things we thought are just impossible to translate!Olga Golovicher
Astashovo Hotel
Since February 2019, Sarah has translated over 36,000 words of travel articles, descriptions of tour programs and trip itineraries, e-mail marketing campaigns, and other website content for our company Artel Troika.
I have enjoyed our collaboration, Sarah is a real team player and a dedicated specialist.
I highly recommend Sarah as a reliable, responsible and professional person.Nadezhda Baranova
Owner, Artel Troika
My name is Louis Seravalle. I am a Russian author and I was happy to work with Sarah McDowell, who translated into English my short novel “God bless Hislamia,God bless Mgangia”, where the plot takes place in the imaginary world alike ours and my play “Those taken from crosses are never alive”, which is historical and is about the anti-Soviet riot of captain Valery Sablin on the Baltic Fleet in 1975. I would like to mention the very professional work with specific Russian speech and idioms, citations, historical data, and the culture of discussion when we deal with fantasy world peculiarities.”Louis Seravalle, author
I recommend Sarah McDowell Translations to everyone who needs to receive quality translations from Russian to English within short deadlines. Her prices are reasonable and she is very conscientious about her work.Arseny Uyukin
Sarah was our freelance Russian to English translator and English editor from 2013-2016. She translated nearly 30,000 words of press releases, brochures, case studies, and other marketing collateral for the Asteros Group. Her translations were always done to a very high professional standard.

Throughout our collaboration, Sarah responded quickly to my e-mails and finished the translations before our deadlines. Sarah would contact me whenever she had questions about the text, but always did her own research before asking. I highly recommend Sarah if your company is looking for perfect Russian to English translations or English editing services.Vera Gendlina
Asteros Group

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Sarah McDowell, who was our freelance English-speaking editor. She helped us with various texts, from blog posts to news, and made them sound more natural. Sarah corrected grammar and spelling if necessary and offered a better version for sentences that sounded fine in Russian but did not make sense in English.

Sarah is a reliable professional with a lot of passion for good style. She is always willing to go the extra mile to improve the project. I am very happy with her standards. I recommend Sarah if you need your texts improved by a native speaker who cares for the quality of your project.Anton Suddia
IT Craft

The translation of a text from one language into a completely different language, moreover, into the language of a country where there are different customs and a different culture, is very complicated work. I was always a sceptic when someone would say ‘I am a translator’. But my point of view was changed by one specialist, a true professional, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The name of this professional is Sarah McDowell. She is very enthusiastic about her work and has many years of experience. She is in high demand among professionals of this level. If you need a text translated from Russian to English, I recommend contacting Sarah McDowell and you will see the high quality of her services for yourself. Vitaly Savin
Sarah is very proficient in what she is doing. The company I worked for hired her for proofreading the texts in English and translating children’s books from Russian into English. Everything was done in time and exactly according to our demand. It was a great pleasure to work with Sarah and I am always happy to recommend her service.Oksana Stroi
Happy Kids
In March 2015, Sarah McDowell reviewed a large field study about the political situation in Kyrgyzstan that a colleague of mine and I translated from Russian to English. I can recommend Sarah as a professional reviewer/proofreader.Sergei Medvedev
I have known Sarah McDowell since Translation Forum Russia in September 2012. She is a translator working in the Russian – English language pair and has an excellent command of Russian. I have been collaborating with her on some texts, and her editing skills are very good. I strongly recommend Sarah as a qualified specialist. Dina Akhmetzyanova
Sarah is an excellent editor. Not only did she correct errors and polish the text, but she also gave links to resources with grammar rules that I can study in the future. If you want to receive grammatically correct documents from a native speaker of English and improve your level of written production – get in line.

I ordered English editing and it turned out top-notch and on time. Besides, I now understand when to use the phrase ‘project reach’ and when to say ‘project scope’. I also know the difference between British and American date formats. I am very satisfied.Konstantin Dranch
localization industry researcher

Sarah edited and translated texts for Russian non-commercial organizations as part of the Translate for Life project. The translations completed by Sarah were of the very highest quality. In addition to this, Sarah proved herself to be an efficient editor, who carefully checks for semantic precision, comparing the translation with the source text, corrects stylistic errors, asks for clarification when needed, and verifies information. We are very grateful that Sarah always quickly responded to inquiries and completed work before the required deadlines.Vera Filatova
Director, Future Actually