Articles for the Month of January 2014

Introduction to my blog

Russian to English creative translator Canada

I am pleased to present my personal blog and to welcome all my future readers! Whether you are a fellow translator, a client, an academic, or anyone interested in the Russian or English languages or simply wanting to find out more about the life of a freelance translator and the highs and lows of this career, you will be sure to find something enlightening to read here.

The blog will feature the following topics

● Working as a freelance translator
– how to establish yourself
– how to be successful
– professional development opportunities
– guest ‘translation’ posts – a brand new concept among translation blogs – I will be sharing my English translations of blog posts written by some of my Russian translator colleagues right here on my blog. Listen up all you translators who are curious about what your Russian colleagues discuss on their blogs, this is your opportunity to find out!

● Issues related to Russian to English Translation
– a comparison of Russian and English grammar
– common errors made during translation from Russian to English
– how to work around difficult aspects of a translation

● Russian culture and literature
– reviews of some of my favourite books, concert reviews, etc.
– posts about my travels to Russia
– unique insights into Russian culture from a foreigner’s perspective

● A look into Canadian culture and traditions for those unfamiliar with my country

I will also be starting a Russian version of this blog, which will be available soon.

We’re having a very cold winter here in Canada. It’s days like these that make me feel glad to be able to work at home and not have to leave the house!